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Scheme Trustee

Appointing us as your scheme’s independent trustee means that we can look after the complexities, whilst the employer concentrates on managing their business.  We can act as trustees for your Defined Benefit (DB), your Hybrid arrangement(s) and your Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme.

Scheme Secretary

Keeping up-to-date with pension legislation, regulation and guidance together with the need to provide good governance, means that trustees face an increasing workload.  Caledonian Trustees can act as your scheme secretary providing full support with legislation, scheme changes, member communication, provider management and annual returns.

Scheme Closures

Unfortunately its a sad fact that sometimes for a variety of reasons an employer needs to wind up and close their pension scheme.  Working closely with all interested parties we guide employers through the compliance, governance and communication challenges that have to be addressed if the scheme closure process is going to successfully complete and ensure that your scheme members are treated fairly.

About us

About us

Caledonian Trustees is a privately-owned professional independent trustee company, based in Essex, UK. Our clients include household names and some that you may never have heard of but big or small we pride ourselves in offering a flexible, cost effective and relevant service each and every time . The Caledonians have many years of experience in pension, employee benefit consultancies and life companies which means we  understand the challenges that you face.

Caledonian Trustees has the knowledge, experience, understanding and commitment to act for you no matter what the size of your pension scheme.

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Trustee training

Trustee training and knowledge is an essential but often forgotten aspect of running a pension scheme.  We can provide on-site training & updates for all members of your pension scheme management group.



Are you thinking of amending your pension scheme?  We can help you with your overall pension strategy, to ensure you consider pension regulation, employee communication and the roles and responsibilities of the pension trustees and employer.

Member communication

One of the key duties of a pension trustee is to always act in the best interests of your scheme’s beneficiaries.  A beneficiary is anyone who is entitled to, or who might receive, a benefit from the scheme, now or in the future.  This means that the trustees must provide members/beneficiaries and employers with accurate, relevant and timely information about any changes to the scheme.  Caledonian Trustees can provide full communication support to the scheme’s trustees.

Your independent trustee

Managing a pension scheme can be a time-consuming  and sometimes frustrating experience.  Keeping up to date with legislation, guidance on best practice from The Pensions Regulator, accounting standards, insured benefits, pension & divorce orders, scheme and revenue reporting as well as interpreting actuarial assessments can be intimidating for even the most dedicated.

Caledonian Trustees can help, we can:

  • Act for ongoing schemes, closed schemes and schemes that are winding-up
  • Act for registered death benefit schemes
  • Act for some other arrangements such as charitable trusts
  • Act as sole Trustee or sit alongside other Trustees (taking the chair if required)
  • Offer a full Secretary to the Trustees service

Appointing Caledonian Trustees as your scheme's professional trustees allows us to provide:

  • Scheme governance - Secretary to the Trustees (without conflicts of interest)
  • Clear communication for the Trustees and to members
  • Liaison with the Pensions Regulator (reporting requirements)
  • Keep your scheme up-to-date with legislation (e.g. Auto Enrolment, taxation changes, benefit amendments)
  • Dispute resolution for those challenging issues

All this and more is delivered in a practical and cost effective way while at all time serving the best interests of your scheme, members and sponsoring employer.

The Caledonians

Our clients include:

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Independent Trustee
Scheme secretarial
Scheme closures
Pension Strategy


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